Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gaaaaaaaaaaaah week

So... what shall I say?

I was under pressure from the two papers to be done in a week, and it looks like some brothers were acting on purpose to drive me crazy.

How can I summarize it well?

For starters, I had the impression that I was not being told the full truth, that school was so important that even God had to go second, and that my efforts in the service were worth nothing. I went blue on a brother who took the communion without any appearance of introspection and I abstained myself from taking it because of the state I was in. I was confessed sins like I would never have imagined a saint do.
Telling more would allow you to identify the folks, so I'll abstain.
Also, I spent my sunday evening trying to fix my roommate's computer and to install some kind of Linux on that old Pentium 1 we got, to no avail.
On the plus side, I had a big opportunity to work on my surrender. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting there, I guess.
Lets talk about the nice things.
We had a great message on salvation on Wednesday, and our resident teacher-in-training rebuked a few false doctrines while being at it :)
Sunday's message was great. Our evangelist was talking about walking with God based on Psalm 16. I requested a copy of his notes, since I was too caught translating to take notes myself).
On Saturday evening we had a great meal cooked by the single brothers for the single sisters. We had a great line-up, and its sad I forgot some of the food served. We had a special soup made with apples and onions, croustade aux pommes, bison, horse steak, etc.
I was delegated to dish-washing, and I'm glad I got some washing done during the evening, because we are still piling them up in the kitchen as of this morning.
I'm reading a nice little book on emotions that is really simple and short, and that is leaving a lot of room for thought too.
BTW, I'm not sure I mentioned that I finished 'Surprised by Joy' by CS Lewis... one more thing to write about in this blog or in TheoThoughts. Oh well :)
I spent some time to listen to a Haendel CD too. I'll write in another entry.
Its hard for me to focus on the positive... at least this blog helps.

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