Monday, January 23, 2006

Some Chillout and Stuff Done (finally

So, I managed to get some things done, after a while feeling nothing was going anywhere...

And I got some enjoyment too.

First of all, I decided to leave my computer in the hands of my roomate for a week. I was tired of the level of distraction this was putting in my life.
So, no more emails at home, or reading the news or listening to radio on the internet... but its not like I lost that much.
I got some more reading done on class stuff (I think I am getting ahead a little bit. I just need to keep it up).
I got to have a great time with brothers on Friday after one of them gave a show at his university's christian group.
I finished reading Wild at Heart, The Culting of Brands early on Saturday.
Then I got to the CLC and purchased 2 books, one of which I devoured, the French translation of Between Heaven and Hell . I was done reading it on Sunday.
Something tells me I gotta start writing the reviews now. *sighs*

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