Saturday, January 7, 2006

Prayers for 2006

So, as promised, here are things I pray for happening in my life in 2006

Evangelization: be a standard-setter
- That we can see 12 guests at my Bible Talk by August
- 3 Bible studies lead per semester
- Inviting at least 3 people on a daily basis
- Baptise my first brother
- 1 public lecture
- That everyone in my classroom has been invited at least once to know God
Character: be wedable
- Deep joy in the Lord
- Full submission to God
- Self-affirmation, rock-hard, bullet-proof self-esteem
- Maturiy, making the right spiritual choices on a daily basis
- Sincere satisfaction and thanksgiving for my life as it is, including celibacy
- Grow in servanthood
- Grow in patience
School: rock that world
- Complete all classes with flying colors
- Sucessfully reprenting Canada to a standards body
- Publish 5 academic papers
- Have a strong thesis foundation
Ministry: source of strength, love and unity
- Sincere love and friendships within the Campus and the church
- 12 book reviews
- 1 teaching before the congregation on a Sunday
Health: be fit and looking fit
- Regular, healthy sleep
- Healthy diet
- Exercising at least 4 times a week
- Fall beneath 190 lbs

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