Saturday, January 28, 2006

OpenBSD Pains

So, I downloaded and installed OpenBSD, the most security-conscious operating system out there (as far as I know).

The installation proceeded smoothly, even though I had to go for a ftp install for some weird reasons. I am running it on a Pentium 100 MHz, which does not make things that great.

Nevertheless, the installer is on a floppy and works very well. It is not user-friendly, but the walkthrough on the website compensates for that. Because of my old platform, I could not install a GUI, so it was very "old school" computer system, with the text-only environment and the need to know all the commands by heart. Yay for my geek side... boooh for my time.

The real problem that I have: very few precompiled packages and patches :'(
That means I gotta download the source of everything and its dependencies and compile it. I gave half a day to DansGuardian to compile and it wasn't done yet...

So I decided to move to another OS (maybe a Linux that _works_) that has a lot of precompiled packages ... this thing is just too slow to compile anything worth mentioning on its own.

Oh well, I won't be able to say I'm running the safest OS on the planet just yet...

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