Monday, January 16, 2006

Exhausting Weekend

This Saturday, I refreshed myself with Vivaldi, then worked on my investments, before going to a wedding ceremony.

This Sunday, I was dead tired, and things did not get better...

Please read the previous entry about my Vivaldi experience. The wedding was nice and inspiring, with the sister married being around for 10 years before it happened. They were all dressed a bit French Colony style, and the music was real good. Touching wedding altogether. Afterwards, I went on a date with one sister to a vietnamese restaurant. She is very nice. I was very the tie she gave me for Christmas.
I'm letting my beard grow because I've been told a few times that it looks good on me. I had a nice look with the suit, the fancier tie and the little beard. I don't often find myself good-looking when I look in the mirror ;)
On Sunday, I set the book table by myself and took care of things on my own. I served in the service for the plates, and translated for a sister. Then had to worry about a few things about the book table. Then a small group of the campus went to pray for a sick sister. We grabbed some KFC (I mostly took salad, even though some of the junk too) and we prayed for about 2 hours. I had to go get some rest because it was too much for me.
Then, it was the leader's meeting at church. We made the commitment to read the full Bible in a year and were offered a few plans to help out. Then we were working on the Campus calendar. Afterwards, we had chilli and football. I was too tired to enjoy it really. I worked on my Bible talk message on the table as much as I could in the context. It took me everything to not break down in the bus, and to try to be uplifting, serving and caring.
God knows I'm doing as much as my strentgh allows me. He'll have to give me serious healing for more to happen. I need to be fully surrendered on this and its hard for me to be, I guess.
I was at a point that I was too overwelmed with tiredness to feel like doing anything but my little thing, do some introspection (regarding the feelings that have been going on in me these days), watch the end of that kung-fu movie. And then, it is THE time my roomates really want to talk. In short, this sunday has been very much unlike me.
I felt a bit frustrated at serving and all that, in the end. I'm sure the tiredness doesn't help.

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