Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thanksgivings for blessings

So... my semester is over.

We finished the project on Monday, wrapped up the documentation today, and I'm slowly tearing through quite a few things on my todo list that were on hold...

Since I promised God I'd give him all the glory on the project, henceforth I do so now: thanks for the Almighty that allowed this project to work enough so that we had something to show!

Our project was very disfunctional as of Monday, the day of the demo. Many prayers went for miracles, and the closest thing we had was a de-facto extension. We presented at 8:30 PM. We barely had the time to enable the SSL connection of the LDAP server. One test was done, and the prof comes in and asks for the demo to start. It could have gone wrong, but things were OK. He seemed satisfied by all that.
My supervisor signed my passport application. I did it on the Internet with their new epass system. Once I got to the passport office, I had expedited treatment. While some folks at ~1h30 minutes to wait, I was in front of the employee within a minute of being given my queue number.
They have some quirks to iron out... the web application says that many information is optional, but it turns out that they are all required, and I had to get them from memory... lets just hope I did not mix up stuff! Overall, I was surprised by the efficiency of the process. My old passport is pierced as invalid now, and the new one should be mailed by Jan 9th, and I did not ask for a rushed treatment!
I made my decision regarding the OIQ membership: I will remain part of the student branch, to avoid the yearly fees for the time being. I got some advising by a staff member there. The credit card application is dealt with, I just need to wait... so I don't need to move forward with a 90$ a year gold card.
My supervisor had encouraging words for me. He gave some advice to be careful not to get too religious... I replied that I had a conviction that what I invested in God, God was giving it back to me, allowing me to be successful. He said that this was something very wise. Apparently they have a something close to that in the Coran. I do recall a proverb saying something of the effect of not being too wicked, nor too righteous... Full commitment to God does not mean living as a hermit in a monastery :) It means far more to live a radical lifestyle, to be a beacon of light IN the world, FOR the world, BECAUSE of God's grace thanks to Christ, and to win some to Him.

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