Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pouches under the eyes the size of a sand bag...

So, in very short...

1) I got my B. Eng. degree last monday, with Distinction, and with co-op. Very proud. The party to celebrate wasn't great

2) The last final went good, I feel.

3) I was able to wrap up the report for our OS project for something that looked clean

4) The project due tomorrow is not going anywhere. snif. I'm struggling with that OpenLDAP server thing. It seems that no matter what I do, it refuses to work. I can't even test my Java code :(

5) Got myself the new Second study Bible this Saturday. Yummy! I've compare with the NASB Study Bible from Zondervan and found it to be more neutral. The Zondervan one acknowledges its failure on the "salvation by faith alone" doctrine in the footnotes of Romans 6:3 or Acts 2... basically saying that:
the conversion, back then, had faith+repentance+baptism all bundled together... which is why the apostles sound like you are saved at baptism. Of course, this is not the way we do it anymore, and we know we are saved by faith.
In short, they recognize that the "conversion" they are talking about diverges significantly from the apostles'. Basically "we are wrong in our practice, but we got a good enough excuse to keep on doing it"... lovely!

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