Friday, November 11, 2005

Double-ration of blessings

This week was interesting...

The planning to Toronto was flipped upside down when the brothers who were supposed to drive with me pulled out altogether.
Then, there were a few last minuteness regarding the accomodation... my planning side was not happy.

But all fell in place anyway.

I spent a good chunk of time studying a standard draft document. It presents both opportunities and risks for my research, so it is important that I take more time to understand the standard itself, but also the standard body and the working group's direction.
Maybe there is a way to join their effort, which would be a very interesting experience for me.
I'm leaving my classmates to work on the crypto project this weekend. I had to put aside my "code hero" personality for something that was truly important for me: Douglas Jacoby, which would fall close to a role model for me. When I knew he'd be teaching in Toronto, I just jumped at the opportunity. There was only one problem though... our crypto project to hand in on Monday.
I put things in place so that we could make a lot of progress this week, and even coached one team member to work on his not-yet-functional code.
I struggled with impatience (a form of anger, when you think about it), because not all team members were set up for the code-a-thon we set on Wednesday. It was a few hours this week that were focused on helping others do by themselves what I felt I could do for them (you know my pride). In that sense, it was a victory in servantship. Lets hope it translates in a good grade :)
The Bible talk on wednesday was of size... 11!
In August, at the the return of Portland, I began praying for my Bible talk to reach size 10, and to have studies starting afterwards each and every time.
The first part of the prayer was accomplished very quickly, when you think about it.
So, I am "forced" to pray for something more specific: 10 guests :D
One can have worst problems.
Speaking of which, guess what? Money grows from trees!
Or so it feels. I received a letter from my university telling me that I was selected for a Graduate Scholarship. That did boost my morale!
I do confess that, on the spot, I began thinking of how to fiscally optimize it, of how much I'd put in my RRSP, what electronics I'd give myself...
I woke up at some point from my covetous dream and started thanking God for this unexpected blessing. I still need to decide how to split this, but there is definitely a part that goes for the church, another that will go for an organization caring for the poorer abroad (I'm thinking Médecins sans frontières, HOPE Worldwide and Oxfam), another that will pay for this Toronto trip, and another that goes to the RRSP. The rest will likely go for gifts for family, friends and/or self :) I do have more urgent matters anyway.
What's the line-up after my Toronto trip?
Monday, Nov. 14th: Demonstration of our Crypto project
Monday, Nov. 21st: Submission of our report for our Crypto project
Monday, Nov. 28th: final (unconfirmed yet) for Crypto
Thursday Nov. 24th: Presentation of our OS project and report submission
Thursday Dec. 1st: Final exam for OS
Tuesday Dec. 6th: Final exam for Network Security
Wednesday Dec. 7th: Demonstration and report submission for Network Security
So, yeah, you'll have to bear me as a stressed productivity beast for a little while. The good news is that I'll have reverted back to humanity before Christmas!

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