Monday, October 10, 2005

Thanksgiving weekend

I had a cool weekend. My parents came to town (with them, a lot of my stuff), and I got to spend quite some time with them and with the church, which was awesome.

My parents arrived on saturday PM. We went to get my glasses from the store, and set on the walls some frames, my sword set, a new bookshelf, etc.

In the evening, we had a good meal together (Italian sausages, salad, potatoes, wine) and we talked quite a bit. Afterwards, we had a walk together, and I showed them a lot of the buildings of the Jewish community in my neighbourhood. We were wondering who was this "Ben Weider" dude for which a lot of buildings were named after.
Wikipedia had an answer.

On Sunday, we went to the service together. This was a special service, in the campus group. We read quite a few chapters of Mark, then had 3 sharings for the communion. I told a bit about the spiritual meaning of the communion, and then we had a few songs, and a big meal together! There was sooooooooo much more people than expected. The place was packed and quite a few were standing or sitting on the floor. Things were not moving as smoothly though, because of the large amount of people (especially when noone knows the songs...)

Overall, it was wonderful.

I spent more time with my parents, explaining them my convictions a bit. They then left back home. Afterwards, I joined back some brothers and I played my first game of Axis and Allies. We then had a thanksgiving supper with the roomates and the brothers who hosted us during the "moving crisis".

Some sisters invited us to join them afterwards, which we did. We talked about what things we were grateful for.
In my case: my academic success, my trip in Europe, the relationships with the brothers and the spiritual growth and about my prayer answered for my research.
Afterwards, we had some talk about appearances, social standards, etc. It was pretty cool to make the sisters discover that, indeed, there is some effort we do to look good for them, and to know more what effort the sisters do to look good for us. Bridge-building indeed.

I went home earlier than everyone else to rest. This morning, I was blessed to lead a study with a guy. Now, I have to go back to Studying, but I am happy to be blogging about this.
I couldn't have lived something like that 3 years ago. Amen.

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