Monday, October 24, 2005

Not a good week, but with good things nevertheless

I had 2 midterms. The biggest thing is that I wasn't sleeping well at last. Its now been 7 days in a row I sleep a few hours every night. This is killing me.

I never got drunk, but I do drink a beer every now and then with the roomates, and more this week than before. I read that alcool could upset sleep cycles. Combined with the stress inherent to exams, we have a bad mix. So, I'm cutting it off for the time being.

The exams went well, or so I feel. God is good to me. Prayer before an exam truly grants me peace.

I did a silly, escapist, thing, which was to install Battle for Wesnoth, which is a great open source game. A bit like Warcraft III, but turn-based. The timing was bad, and I so wasted many of God's granted hours through this.
On the + side, I got to sign my contract (finally!) and should earn money soon. I can't wait for a stabler form of revenue.
I saw the movie Unleashed (aka Danny the Dog), which was a great mixture of kung fu action and character design. The evolution was well-played. I loved it.
On Saturday night, I had a Bible study which went well, and I'm really glad it is so. I then rushed to go to the Botanical Gardens, more specifically, to the China Garden, to see the Chinese Lantern Festival feature they had there. I went through 2 sets of batteries with my digital camera. hehehehe. Pictures will come later.
On Sunday, we had a sermon on Romans 6 (still continuing that series) and our evangelist addressed the importance to keep friends outside of the church and the small group organization. I then went out to eat with some brothers and sisters, got home for a nap, then went to a huge Loblaws to do grocery shopping for the household with my roomates. Kilos of rices and couscous for little!
After eating, we went to a pool place to play a bit. We walked back praying together, under the light rain, and then I was right away in bed. Badly (and barely) slept for the whole night. We had a godo time for sure.

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