Monday, October 31, 2005

More sleepless nights

Worked hard, studied for my crypto midterm, tried to fix a computer to no avail.

Had a cool time at a devotional on Friday and a halloween party on Saturday. I can't wait for the other folks to send me their pictures :)

I did realize this Sunday that I allowed myself to slip into a kind-of-bad spiritual shape. A big problem is that I let my bad sleep (2 weeks straight now) drag everything down.

I've been prideful like I have not been in months, at the very least. Some anger started popping up too...

So, because repentance is essential, I got to ask a lot of help from one of my discipling partners.
I took the decision that every time I'd play that one computer game, or even go on that website, that'd be 20$ out of my pocket into his. We'll spend more time together and really build a strategy.
I've gotten back to healthier Bible reading and prayer practices. And I decided not the eat after 7 like it suggests in that book on sleeping I got.
But, anyway, lets talk about the other nice things that happened.
On Friday, we had a Campus ministry devotional with a lot of people showing up. There was a message on excellence and there was some Risk being played too :)
On Saturday, besides studying for my Crypto exam, I went to a Bible study, and I was at the Halloween party at my place. I was dressed as a samurai. Those who know my martial arts background know that I didn't need to rent that stuff... I did study a little bit in the middle of the party (in my room with earplugs), but I did dance and so on. I had fun and our guests did too. There was some games that kept everyone laughing and so on.
On Sunday, I got to the service and then went to recharge my batteries. Once that was done, I helped a couple move in their new place. I love serving like that. Moving can be fun :)

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