Saturday, October 8, 2005

Kossins, kossins, kossins

"Kossin" is Québécois slang to mean "things" and, for me, it means "annoying things you gotta do and that will steal a lot of your time".

So, still feeling sick, I went to see the Health Clinic at the university. I was looked by nurse, who told me I should be having my annual... which I did the same afternoon. The doctor told me to go get blood and urine tests, but had to go back to do that, because that closes a 3PM. (As a sidenote, I don't seem to be having anything really bad, so it will be acetaminophen to help with the lack of energy)
Then, I had an apointment scheduled with my dentist. Turns out I have a few caries to be taken care of... next month.
My glasses arrived at the store, didn't yet have the time to go get them.
Wasted a huge lot of time to go get my Accès Montréal card. Wasted a bit of time to go get my fair trade tea.
BUT, there's been some cool stuff that happened.
I managed to make some progress in my research. Still, we'll have to figure out better methods, because it is taking forever.
We had a first design meeting for my cryptography project. This will be cool.
I FINALLY made the first motions to start studying my midterms. I'll have to really focus on that now.
A sister gave me two SUPBERB tea infusers. One for home, one for the office. This is so awesome!
Another is about to send me a shipping of fair traded tea. (Side note: feel free to send me Irish Breakfast tea... not English, IRISH, that's the stuff). This is really really really cool.
I listened with my roomate to some more Baroque musique, and had two D-times that went wonderfully.
Moreover, I managed to have quite a few phone calls with brothers and sisters of other cities. This is something I wish I could do more.
My reading of Victory of Surrender is putting me at a ponit where I want to act. Your prayers are always welcome.

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