Monday, October 17, 2005

Hardcore weekend

Friday, Men's Forum, with Chris Broom (Syracuse church) preaching.
Saturday, study and study and study
Sunday, we had a powerful service, and tons of fellowship

The rest of my week was all about bursary applications and studying for midterms.

So, I managed to submit everything I due time for ny NSERC and FQR bursary applications. We'll see what happens.
That I get them or don't get them means little to me. I guess its a right start, but I should pray and build the faith that God will bless me with them.
Afterwards, on Friday, I joined the Men's Forum, organized by the church. The sharings were real, and the message powerful. Because sisters will be reading this, I'll pass on what was really said.
I was encouraged to fight in the battle all the more, relying on God's Spirit. Also, afterwards, I went at a brother's place and spent time with him. He needed encouragement (and I did too, actually) and it was a real good brotherly time. I slept at his place, as it was well after midnight.
On Saturday, I went to jog with a sister, then got home, had a D-time with the Campus Leader, and then went to have one other D-time with a bunch of brothers. Most did not show up, so it was real personal. Afterwards, I went to study at the library. The other students did not show up :( So I studied alone, lacking motivation (I HATE OS security, honestly).
On Sunday, I served at the book table all by myself (the other sister being gone to visit her folks), and I talked about "The Guilty Soul's Guide to Grace". You can read the review in my other blog, TheoThoughts. The message on Romans 5 was powerful, especially with the introduction, when our evangelist started saying "you feel that XYZ, the Bible says ABC" (fill in the blanks) with one example after another. The basic point: stop being emotional, and build faith that God has saved us and justified us out of His love for us. We had a good sharing, a short message before the collect, and, to crown it all, our evangelist taking some time to explain the recent changes in the Church, which was something that was well-needed, as not everyone was really understanding what was going on. Myself, I was about to give him a phone call about that, so it was timely.
Afterwards, I did my grocery shopping, went to a sister's housewarming party. She is a very courageous sister who, despite the pain of arthritis, leads a Bible Talk in her place, and stays faithful despite the fact that she can't even attend a service. And she loves classical music, and she lived in Switzerland for a few years. Awesome!
We had the leader's meeting, and we got a few versions on the study of the Word. We are to master all the basic principles, and I'm eager to answer that call, especially to memorize the Scripture referred to in each. That's my personnal objective for the time being :)
We went home and I discussed with my roomate. It had been a while I did not talk in deep of stuff going on, so I was glad of that. After doing some cleaning, I called a sister in Portland, then went to a poetry writing time at a sister's place. It was on women's safety, as part of the month of women. I wrote two pieces, one on the need for women in computer security, and one on the continous rapes that occured in Darfur. That's only one article. I saw a documentary on CBC, and I felt sick. In some villages, every single female raped at multiple times, every time a new gang moved in town (supposedly "liberating" the village...). I'll send them for the contest and eventually put them online.
For the In-Depth feature at CBC, click here.

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