Thursday, September 29, 2005


Traditions are necessary to put beacons in human life. They are part of culture and national identity. Every country has its national holiday after all. But what if tradition looses its meaning?

Matthiew 15:1-2
As a matter of context: The jewish law set standards in personal purity, especially based on what you touch. If you touched blood or a corpse, you had to clean up, etc.
Very orthodox people washed their hands systematically because of their desire to have always "pure" hands. People imitated them, and generation after generation, this became an unwritten law.
Question: was the basic principle good? Can you name a good and not-so-good tradition.
[Sharing: Mothers' day, a given truck of beer at the Poly]
Matthiew 15:3-14
These guys are the most religious of their time... how come that Jesus, who's talking about God 24/7 say that they are hypocrites?
What makes them blind?
Matthiew 15:10-20
Have you ever felt in you anything that is in verse 19? [Exemple personnel]
A lot of reproach has been done to religion... but what is the core problem: God or humans?
Taking the whole passage, what do you personally conclude?
Any religious life lived with bad motives or simply following tradition is bad in Jesus' perspective. What is this provoking in you?
[Après, partage: première communion pour faire plaisir à la grand-mère. Je fait sans savoir ce que je faisais, surtout pour avoir la paix.]
[Interesting fact: According to the 2001 survey, 43% in Canada are catholic, nearly 75% claims to be Christian]

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