Friday, September 16, 2005

Petite Routine

This week has been suprisingly "normal"... isn't that exceptional? ;)

I was able to have a good productivity boost at work and did some progress I should've made a month ago... but progress nevertheless. I did receive critics from my boss about my mismanaging of the team meeting organization, which I really botched. That's the researcher's curse: you get stuck in your research and forget about the "little details" like booking a room and so on...

Got an eye exam and my sight has deteriorated. I am considering laser surgery, but will probably opt against it because that my sight has not stabilized yet. Advice on making my eyes more beautiful are welcomed!

Had quite a few administrative worries to take care of, but its mostly done.

One class got moved to the 8:30-11:00 PM slot, which is evil. I nearly fell asleep on that one. I did look like a whiner talking about it...
but but but... its my sleeeeeeeeeeep we're talking about here! :(

The crypto class was neat, because we were in the action, trying to improve old ciphers and breaking them. In Network Security, we saw some vulnerabilities in old network protocols (mostly for key exchange). In OS, we learnt about an ACM and some security policies. There is a formal part to it that I disconnected from. The book says the exact same thing, so its not helping :'( I'll figure it out.

Tonight will be our first Campus Devotionall. I'm looking forward to that.

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