Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Not-that-great week

This is the one week I have between my vacation and the starting of classes. I was hoping to fully recharge myself before the start of classes, but it didn't happen. Bad sleep mostly.

I spent most of my week researching stuff on the Internet in order to know who's who in my field, the conferences, journals, etc. Not very stimulating, but far better than reading theoritical/mathematical papers.
On Wednesday, we had a Bible Talk. I felt drawn by the Spirit (or so it seems) and ended up inviting... my ex! The fact she tried to ignore me and stuff did not make me feel very good. I was upside down.
There has been some fluctuation in the leadership of various churches and I became very afraid of a split. I am surrendering this to God (even though not 100%... I'm no good at that), as I am not a leader, and thus don't have to be involved. I did get involved in some emails with brothers, but things are back in order.
A sister talked about me about her spiritual state, how she started to attend another church, etc. It was not good at making me feel better.
Good stuff did happen. I went to take a coffee after the Women's Bible Talk on Friday, and we spent time together as a small group. We saw a movie afterwards, Shi mian mai fu (LE SECRET DES POIGNARDS VOLANTS), directed by Zhang Yimou, a good Chinese movie. It had a few adult scenes in it, sadly. Imagine the scene: I'm close to a sister who's an open feminist, and there's one of those scenes happening... I turn to her and ask "could you please tell me about the history of feminism..." We did a few more jokes on that topic, but it did allow me to turn my attention to better things than the screen! The scenes are beautiful. The director really gave us beautiful painting-like images.The storytelling starts very linearly, then twists and intertwines like crazy near the end, but never leaving you confused. If you like good kung fu action and beautiful scenery, this is a must
On Saturday, I did some progress on settling in my room. It looks better now. I took the bus to go to Quebec City to go to a 25th wedding anniversary for an uncle.
On Sunday, got to church and served in the kid's class, then spent the afternoon with a friend who had a lot of questions about the whole idea of a church. In the evening, I spent a little bit of time with my parents and saw Amen, a great movie about the Holocaust and the Vatican's silence on the issue. It was good two see two "christians", a Protestant SS officier forced to serve on Cyclon. B gas production, and a Catholic Jesuit priest trying to get the world to move and stop the killings in the concentration camps. It is a well-rendered true story.
On Monday, I spent time with the church in the afternoon for a BBQ. We played volleyball too and it was a good end-of-summer celebration. I got back to with a couple of the Church here.

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