Wednesday, September 28, 2005

News update of me

Ok ok ok... I did not talk of myself recently.

I have been having a cold for a week and its draining me very much. I'm alive, with all my parts. Amen!
I jogged a few times with a sister, which was cool, but we need to make it happening more often!

My Bible talk is becoming "popular", since I have regulars coming... that's kind of unexpected. I hope this doesn't mean that I'm preaching itchy-ears material, but the Word.

We finalized project proposals for 2 classes, and we have to get started. I started in one, for cryptography, by gathering some good plaintext for us. The Gutenberg Project was happy to oblige.

My reading of Victory of Surrender is chalenging. I feel like a mega-control-freak, which I probably really am. Surrender is and will be a struggle for me for a long time, I fear.

Readers, please pray for the church here, for the Campus ministry, for my surrender, for fruits of the Spirit, and that God uses me conversions. Oh, and studies too ;)

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