Monday, September 19, 2005

Leadership Weekend

On Friday, we had our first Campus devotional. We had a sermon on discipling, a "survey" about our dreams, and we saw The Messenger, starring Mila Jovovitch as Joan of Arc. I did read the trial notes before, and I'll just say that she was a great example of faith, and a great example of ignorance of God's ways...

On Saturday morning, we left for Brockville, Ontario, for a leadership conference with the Syracuse church. The messages were very challenging and stirred up quite a bit of emotion. This helped me get much closer to a brother of Montreal. We had a supper at the Swiss Chalet, that has nothing swiss there... We had a games' night and I had a great time with the brothers and sisters.

On Sunday, we left for Ottawa and had the celebration dinner of the Church's 10th anniversary. There was a BBQ afterwards, but did not enjoy it fully, as we had to be back in MTL for the service, since there was someone that was supposed to go with me. The communion message was right on target, which I always like, and the teaching on the parables of the kingdom were reaching a need in me and in the congregation.
Still, I got a preaching overload with all that...

I was happy to go to bed that night, the tiredness, the emotions and the sheer amount of stuff roaming in my head got to me ;)

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