Sunday, September 11, 2005

Barrage Fire

Woah, Satan has been working on my case real hard this week.

There are some good news though.
We met a guy who finally came to our Bible talk, and he's really fired up about the whole thing. I gotta invite him for a study.
I spent time with the guys in my Bible talk, and I felt that our relationships are deepening. I do confess that I need to be more involved in their lives.
I spent time with a brother who gave me advice on time management, objectives, etc. It was real good. He saw my study Bible and showed me that it was a corrupted version for the Baptist church. In short, don't buy the Scoffield version in French (and maybe also in English). Needless to say, I bought a pocket-sized Bible in French (version de la colombe) for now, and I'll look at different options for a good study Bible. The good news is that I can pick in either English or French ;)
I took the time to, finally, listen to Israel in Egypt, composed by Händel, recorded by Virgin Classics. I enjoyed it. There were only a few pieces that reached me though. Most of it was at the end of the second part and in the third part. It was a great idea to transpose the Scriptures of Moses' song into this format, and the "I will sing unto the LORD" parts at the beggining and the end were very strong.
Now, on the gory stuff, in very short. There has been some sin that was exposed, mainly in my behaviour and my leadership.There has been also the tensions in church leadership who are being more and more public that did have an impact on my overall state. I went to a few very emotional phases where I was bitter at brothers and everything. I took the time, this morning, to leave those emotions to God in prayer, to pray for all the brothers and sisters who, in some way, brought this to light, and I got to a point of thankfulness for having things exposed in the way they were. I am sure God considered it the best manner to disciple me. Prayer is really a powerful medicine! There is some stuff to be dealth with, but the storm is behind me.
Now, I'm more or less serene about all that stuff. No matter what happens, what infighting, what namecalling, I am just going to focus on doing my service to God, and pray about the situation. Like a friend said, Jesus is gonna take care of his girlfriend ;) (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to read Revelations and Ephesians.)

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