Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Working on my laptop

So, I decided I would finally reinstall Windows on my laptop. It was due, both technically and contractually.

The first step was to resize my Windows Partition, because I'm planning to gradually start using Linux a lot more than in the past, especially since I don't have to work with windows-only tools anymore.
I used Knoppix 3.8 to do so, with qtparted, but there were an error... grrr. After a reboot and some thinking, I tried using ntfsresize, and it only worked partly (it moved the data on the disk, but did not proceed to resize because I was resizing down too much). So I rebooted under Ubuntu, downloaded the latest qtparted and then suceeded where Knoppix failed. Yay!
I've just reclaimed 4.5 Gb that will be used as file storage between Linux and Windows.
I then took the ordeal of reinstalling Windows from Dell's CD. Obviously, the drivers were aside, so I had to waste a lot of time to set the drivers, download the new ones, etc.
I then went on a securing phase (beyond the firewall and antivirus): removed the administrator password, disabling the LM hash, disabling sharing, removing NetBIOS, etc.
Here are some useful links to secure your Windows XP:
I still have to reinstall Ubuntu now. I doubt I'll do that before coming back from vacation.
I wanted to do a ghost image of this Windows partition in case that anything crashed... it was so long to configure that I better do a good job at backing it up :D So, using Knoppix 3.8, I launched a partimage job before leaving for work. It will make a raw copy, like Norton Ghost, and save it on my Linux partition. Afterwards, I'll have to use same Knoppix CD to re-configure LILO or Grub to be able to boot from Linux once more, burn the file, etc. That's geek fun!
Maybe I'll have the time tonight.

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