Monday, August 1, 2005

Uplifting weekend

So, another big step of my moving was happening, as my parents were in town to help me move the stuff that was in a locker to our new place (and, I should add, the extra stuff to their place). This occupied some of Friday and Saturday.

Afterwards was a wonderful wedding, its reception, and a huge lot of fellowshipping on sunday...

I finished work at 3 to get back to my place. My parents were there, the landlady showed them around. We got to the locker and took 3/4 of the stuff out and moved it in the apartment. My parents got to meet my roomates, and the language barrier was not too much of a problem. (quick note: one of my roomates is anglophone, and it really shows when he speaks French, and my dad speaks almost no English...)
We emptied the locker, got the bikes back, we were rolling :)
Got to a brother's wedding, chatted a lot, and was invited to the reception in the end! I was not invited at first (tight budgets do that), and this was a nice reversal of situation. I had to cancel the time with my parents that we were supped to be having... I'll make it up to them next time.
Once I got there, one of the bridesmaid asks me who's my date (I had none, obviously) and kind of proposed herself... I got propelled to the table of honour... and that reminded me of a parable Jesus brought up about humility. With the dance starting, I felt my old life's pattern kicking in. I had to pull out for prayer for a while, and felt ready to go back in there in a brotherly way.
I had lots of fun. I still don't know why I don't dance and stuff more often... I guess its and old habit of mine.
I am a boring, performance-driven, hermit after all ;)
We gathered for the service on Mount Royal, as we did for most of the month. The people of the missionary team in Québec City were there and lead us for new (translated) songs. Our Bible Talk Leaders meeting afterwards talked about the need to have broken hearts (the exact opposite of strong, prideful, etc.) that rely on God and His Grace. Something that is not obvious to me.
I had a good meal with brothers and sisters, chat with a visiting couple from California and so on.
What was really cool is that I gave some hints for a younger brother on preparing his first ever Bible Talk. It was good :)
I got to lay down in the grass and chill out! That is really unlike me! And I enjoyed it tremendously :D
We then got to a BBQ at a brother's place, walked quite a long way. There, while things were cooking, I watched Enemy at the Gates. This is the story of a snipers' duel in Stalingrad during WW2. The russian sniper was doing such a good job that he was singlehandedly demoralizing the Nazi forces. So Hitler sends in his best sniper... and the whole movie is about this cat-and-mouse game, with betrayals, double-crossings, etc. I reccomend.
The good news continue :D
After checking my transcript for the transfer of Credits (it did happen, yay!), I went for the graduation assessment. It went smoothly and confirmed that I was one exam away from graduation!

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