Sunday, August 28, 2005

Portland Vacation

Very short summary of my time in Portland

Monday: chilled out with Campus, played Frisbee and Ultimate Frisbee. Wen to a Chemical Recovery meeting and got real close with two brothers there. I am thinking of adapting some of the contents for Montreal, but for something else than tobacco, alcool and drugs. Won't say more on this blog.
Tuesday: more chilling out with Campus, had a "cooking date" and cooked for the Bible Talk, attended the Bible talk. A lot of the folks on Campus don't know how to cook and eat at Subways or fast food places all the time (shocking!).
Wednesday: Some "me time" with lots of reading. Met a sister for a date, then attended men's midweek. The midweek was about sharing what we got from the Conference, mostly.
Thursday: Had a walk around Bearverton, read some of the Coran in a little park (part of a commitment to a muslim friend, long story. But worry not, I am very much christian still ). Had a meal with a the brother hosting me. He showed me his portfolio, and he cooked me sourthern-style food. It was fried livers and gizers (not sure of the spelling) with "sweet tea". I liked it very much, even though I would not eat that very day, because of my waistline.
Friday: Went to Powell's City of Books, a HUGE store, with both used and new books. I bought for about 30$ (USD) and they were ALL a steal! I enjoyed being in the rare book section, with the classical music and some very old stuff. After coming back, I spent more time with a sister and got to know her better. Afterwards, went to a prayer walk with two brothers, got a few email addresses, and I was in the transit to get to the airport!
I arrived at NewArk at 5:30ish AM and saw the sun rising. Ate an horrible breakfast at Miami Subs (or something like that). Don't EVER eat there. I took the plane to Burlingto and spent time with a couple of the church there, talking about what is going on in our respective churches, about computer hardware, etc. It was a fun time.
I took the bus back to Montreal and talked for most of the way with a very nice and knowledgeable Chinese woman. She had lots of questions about Christianity, and was comparing my answers a lot from what she learnt from a Catholic friend.

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