Thursday, August 4, 2005

Engineering Pains

My professor gave back the results of the test, and I scored a good grade. I was happy with that.

But it was not a time to sit on my laurels, as the real, important, exam is coming on the 15th. Prayers encouraged.

The labs are draining a LOT of time. I am not attending the tutorials anymore so that I can work on the lab report and do some real studying.

I realized that attending the tutorial did not help me remember the problem-solving methods. I am planning to finish my lab today, and then move on to do some real studying and have questions ready for the next tutorial sessions, after doing all the exercices myself.
Today's lab was very painful. We got started when half of the group left already, because we had so many equipment problems. Our setup kept on not working, so it was checking the fuses and replacing them, and trying to isolate the faulty parts. We changed the transformer, it did not work, changed wattmeters, did not work. In the end, it was clear that our power supply was damaged.
So we changed station and redid the whole thing again... to find out that the transformer was also not working correctly, redo the wiring, etc.
I think I learnt more about quickly replacing parts than anything else in the whole ordeal.
The rest went smoothly. The procedure was simple, we had almost nothing to record.
This was a major test of patience. My time with God was too short this morning, and it showed a lot. After the lab was done, I was able to pull out, read some Proverbs (a real goldmine of wisdom) and prayed myself back to a more normal state.

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