Sunday, July 17, 2005

A miracle happened!

Believe it or not, Concordia has finally moved forward in getting my Swiss grades in! Halleluiah!

Now, moving on to other good news...

There were a lot of people attending the church service this morning, despite the rain. Its kind of hard to read the Scriptures when rain is pouring over you, but I managed to keep my Bible intact, so that's good :D
We had visitors from Boston and we had a meal in a dry place, and it was nice. Actually, the brother from Boston I spoke with is in the security business, and it felt good to have a conversation in geekspeak and understand each other!
We had the Bible talk leaders' meeting afterwards, and then I was home to do a ton of the "little things" that take so much time. Afterwards, it was the 1st spiritual birthday of a brother I like very much, and I had a good evening with the brothers there. A sister was in, but had to leave early :( So it was just the brothers, and we asked him about dreams, his experience, etc. It was great. We did the same thing to another brother at the party who was recently baptized, and we shared about our conversion. You leave there feeling that you know the guys better.
Otherwise, what else of my week?
I had a HORRIBLE night from Friday to Saturday, did not sleep at all until the wee hours and was destroyed, sleepwise. I had a d-time with some brothers, then went to bed right away. I spent some time on the phone with a sister too. I had planned to study and do some stuff on my own in the evening, but had a great feeling of loneliness that just crushed me all of a sudden, so I picked the phone and arrange some time with a married couple close to me.
We had a good time, and my encyclopedic knowledge of Europe has been useful for answering some questions they had. :)
As for the rest of the week, suffice to say that I am overburdened with my ELEC class and that it is not improving until I set a lot of time aside to study and do exercises. I worked on some slides for a presentation to visiting researchers, and I'm strangely unstressed about it... a last-minute crisis is waiting for me (I know myself).
In general, I feel much better than last week. More of the apartment starts to look like one, and I somehow feel like there is more connection to God when I pray. That is what counts... even though its really too feeling-based. I guess He knows that I need some feeling of closeness, and that he decided to offer this.
I'm reading about Grace, and I feel touched so far. It is still a challenge for me, but God will enlighten my heart.

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