Saturday, July 2, 2005

Me day

For a change, I did not work at all on this Saturday...

This morning, we spent time to help the landlady with the renovations. We were a bunch of brothers bringing gypsiums boards upstairs.
We then moved to play soccer, and then I returned with a roomie to help put the gypsium boards on the ceiling of the room.
I was able to extract a cellphone charger from the stack, so I won't need to bed for one ever 3rd day :D
After a shower, I went to Concordia to bring a book back at the library and fell asleep for a while there. I was too tired.
The date planned disintegrated, I tried to do last minute arrangements to no avail. Last minute never works for me. So, I went to the cinema and saw Howl's Moving Castle. I wanted to see this movie when I was in Switzerland!

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