Sunday, July 10, 2005

Discipling Sunday

So, in this week, I spent some time renovating, once more. We finished the floors and started painting.

I've done the first lab and I have yet to understand the Thevenin Equivalent Theorem... snif

However there are some good news!

I spent some time with a sister, picnicking downton, on Friday.
I was also blessed to see another baptism on the same day.
Saturday, I spent some time with brothers in a "surrender" meeting, where we examine our emotions, wishes and so on, and to help each other to fully surrender to God.
In the evening, we had lasagna at our place, and it was our first meal, as a group, in our new apartment. Far from done, but its a pre-celebration.
Afterwards, we went to teh Jazz festival with a group of brothers and sisters, some from the US. One of those american sisters was so fired up that she was inviting people for the service!
On Sunday, we went on Mont Royal for the service, and we were once more exhorted ;) In the afternoon, we had a Bible talk leader's meeting, and we discussed some organization points, were encouraged by our evangelist, shared good news, etc. I realize that the Bible talk I am leading is called for something bigger, as a tool for fellowship, as well as for building up bible study leaders.
What was more important was the time I spent with a brother who really took time to listen to me about where I was at, spiritually and emotionally. He told me to study the Scriptures on how to live "une vie sensée" (a sensible life), and then come back to him for advice on time management after. I talked with other brothers as well about my challenges and was encouraged, even though its not as much as this one ;)
One bro lent me his book "What's so amazing about Grace", and I'll keep you informed about my reading on this.
Afterwards, I realized that I needed to repent about my bad food habits, and got at the grocery store to get myself some good stuff :D
So I cooked a nice little meal with the brothers I live with: corn, rice, hard-boiled eggs and crowned with tomato+ mozarella!
In the evening, a brother wanted to know how I come up with Bible talks, so we prepared my next one together. He was very helpful too.
Since he loves music, we listened to some classical from my collection, and some blues and gospel from his. Good way to build the fellowship :D

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