Friday, July 22, 2005

*blows a fuse*

I'll start by getting off my chest what I feel went bad in my week, and then conclude on the positive.

Bad Thing #1: We had a presentation to make, originally scheduled on Friday. It was moved to Thursday, right in the middle of my class! I told my boss I wanted to go to class, and he finally to me to be sensible about it, so I got to class, and ran back for the meeting as soon as possible.
We were supposed to be two presenting it, and my teammate did not get in touch with me on Wednesday during the day, and so we had to work on this from 9:30 PM until 11. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
That definitely upset my sleeping cycles too. That and the fact I had to leave the mid-week barbecue to do that...
Bad Thing #2: I've been VERY undisciplined this week with my Bible study and the respect of my bedtime. I have no idea what to cover in next week's Bible Talk.
Hmm... when I started writing this entry, I felt things darkly. Thinking of it, I barely saw other "bad" things to talk about...
Its a good thing I realize it now!
So, one good news is that I'm going to Québec City this weekend.
Another is that a friend lent me his ELEC 275 book, so I can do exercices and study for next week's exam. I finished my summary of the exam's theory. It is very little. That course is all about algorithmics (Follow PRECISELY these steps ...). I'll start doing as much exercises as possible today, and I should be ready for the reviewing session.
We resolved to have my Bible Talk on a weekly basis, and I'll help a younger brother prepare those. The d-groups will be dissolved, and the Bible talk group will put that in place instead. This means more responsibility for me. I have yet to find the best course of option for my group, but I'm praying for wisdom :) I feel that this shift in responsibility is really good for me, in order to prepare me to serve God's church better and better.
We have our kitchen set and it is being painted, which is a good step forward for the apartment.
I was able to resolve an issue I had with a sister in the US, and we're in touch now. It is encouraging to have people WANTING me to call them. I feel that sometimes I have to be running after my friends to keep the friendships strong, and more and more sisters (why is it only the sisters?) are making me feel loved and important by opening up the opportunity. I'm still the one calling, but feeling that I am wanted to call helps the morale.
Same thing with two sisters here in Montreal, one is a very close friend of mine, the other we are starting to build a friendship. Both REALLY want our frienships to grow and spend time together. I love this.
Our D-group went well, and we exhorted one another to take a challenge for ourselves. Mine is to be jogging at least 3 times a week. I know they'll keep me accountable. It'd be even better if I had a running partner (I'm still an undisciplined guy after all), but this is a good start.
God has been good to be this week, and I'm having dark-coloured glasses on. Time for me to get back in prayer for a thanksgiving, cheerful spirit.

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