Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back to normalcy

Ok, so I had this exam today. Those who know me know that I have a single way to prepare: overprepare.

Still, I'm putting in practice some of my recent learning: to relax nevertheless.

On Saturday morning, we had a review class scheduled at 9 AM.
Of course, I was grumpy, but the whole affair was very worthwhile!
Afterwards, I had to hunt for a cheap-yet-good-enough scientific calculator. Then, going to Québec City using allo stop.
I slept and studied in the car. And studied a bit more once there. I then spent time with a friend of mine (he started studying the Bible, then stopped halfway, but we kept the friendship). After the cofee, we went to a brother's place, ate supper at a mediteranean restaurant, then rented a DVD, Un Long Dimanche de Fiancailles.
I loved the storytelling, except that we had to skip over the sexual scenes. The way the story unravels is just wonderful.
The whole story is a woman's search of her fiancé, who would've died during the first world war. Yet, she is certain that he his alive and will spare no expense to find him back. Then comes the story of why him and other soldiers self-mutilated themselves, and what happened in that trench.
In the morning, I talked a lot with a brother about dating and building relationships (since when am I an authority?). The service was good, especially to see an anglophone brother preaching in French (as a sidenote for everyone: only western Québec has a good density of English speakers (The Québec City area is representative of the "real" Québec: mostly white, French speaking, from a Catholic background, and often a small disdain for anglophones). Afterwards, the BBQ and fellowship helped me catch back on the lives of the friends I have there. Some discipling did happen, as I exposed the "what's really up" to two closer brothers. One said "I think you're doing great" after seeing the state I was in. Apparently, I'm going through a normal moment of growth in my spiritual life. It is good to feel that you are doing well not by your "performance", but how things are really.
More and more talk occured as we were waiting for the car to come back (long story I won't detail), we had more talking. Then I came with this brother and his wife in car, and we stopped at Portneuf. Nice little town, really. We saw the St Lawrence River from where we were eating. It was our last real pause before returning to our normal lives, in a sense.
Of course, Monday had to come. So I wanted to study, you know me. However, I was not feeling that great that day. So I spent time with a brother in the morning on a rework of the studies, then I prepared my Bible talk, then had a lunch with a very encouraging sister. We both enjoy straight openness and honesty and our time together is always very good.
In the afternoon, I feel sick enough to be unable to concentrate, so I went home and slept a while. Only later was I back in a state where I could study. My roomates where putting together finishing touches to the kitchen. Our place starts looking like the real thing! The final "moving in" happened, as all roomates are well into their rooms now! I helped set everyones' computers and we could all be on the internet together. Mwhahahahaha :D
I found free, legal, downloads of a TV show on open source software, go_open. I think they made it simple and appealing enough to the average dude. Basically, it is focused on success stories of Open Source usage, as well as some ways to start doing it yourself. It takes little brain power to listen to it while I do some other thing, so I'm not slacking off ;)
The exam today went OK. I nearly finished it, whereas many barely did 3 out of 4, so that's good. I took some time to pray before the exam, and I really had a sense of peace. Yet, thanks to all brothers and sisters who prayed for my success.

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