Wednesday, July 6, 2005

And some more renovations

There was a conflict between my roomates and the landlady... and things are not advancing at all for the new place :'(

I started the new class, and I already feel its uselessness. yay.

So, yesterday morning, I show up at class and we learn how to do Node Analysis and Mesh Analysis. Everyone tells me that there is no need to buy the book, and I'll wait for the tutorials before making a decision. The book is 140$, so...
Anyway. I can barely understand the prof when he speaks, since his accent is so strong. I missed the first class, so I'm not entirely following, but at least its basic electricity equations.
And it looks like, based on the list of things we'll cover, that this course will bring nearly nothing to my career... but its a required class. Let us endure.
The worst is that we even have labs with it! Its painful enough to be beaten up with nearly useless theory, but adding a lab to validate it is just insulting.
You can tell I'm not happy and not rational about it.
I got home and the phone line is not working. I had to call Sprint, who told me to get to Bell, who told me to contact Sprint again. I finished by dropping a ticket for tech support to work on it and call me back. Waste of time.
We covered some walls with priming paint, so that we are ready to paint. So much time and energy is going in those renovations, and I'd prefer to invest those somewhere else... but that's the cost to pay to live there sooner...
Tonight, we'll even have to skip the church midweek service to do the floors. I was nearly crying at that idea.
In general, this moving and the related "squatting" of a brother's place is definitly making my finances explode. I can't wait for the big bills to arrive in the mail and the inevitable accounting time with the roomates.
The good news is that I signed my work contract today... so things are one step closer for me to get paid.
Tomorrow, I'm buying tickets for the Portland conference. Lets just see my credit card getting maxed out! That is definitely an example of putting the kingdom first ;)

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