Monday, July 4, 2005

And some more moving

This sunday was the end of me... no wonder I got to bed early

On Saturday night, I did not feel that sleepy, and I talked with a brother until 2 AM. Going to church has thus been very painful.
Our evangelist taught about the spiritual battle, and its obvious that I need to develop a greater feeling of this, even though there are some obvious parts to it.
The setting is nice. We were on Île Ste Hélène, in the park, and its great to have the service outdoors and picnic fellowships. One brother has the gift of giving encouragement hugs and you can be sure I appreciated that!
At 15:00, we met up to help moving an elderly sister. She did not have that much stuff, but her working table and shelves are made using concrete bricks and blocks, and that is THE hatable thing to be moving.
I have a better feeling of what my dad does for a living, so that's good.
We moved the stuff and set the shelves and table. We left at 21:00, after eating a poutine of celebration. I was so overdosed with pizza that I got poutine... I know, its even worst for my health, but I didn't care the slightest bit at that point.
Spent time with the brothers who came back from a Boston weekend and prayed a bit, then it was bedtime. For a change, I went to bed at a decent time. Yay!

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