Friday, July 1, 2005

And all get wet!

Today was highlighted by the baptism of two new brothers.

One the way to the place where we were to celebrate, a storm hit us, and we all got wet. I was joking that the baptism wasn't valid, and that God sent the rain to fix that :D
In my case, I lent my waterproof jacket to a sister, so I was left with no protection on, except for my backpack.

On top of that... I'm having a Pizza overdose... I ate nothing but pizza today. Kind of looses its charm at this point.

In the end, a friend of mine was saved today. That wins out over the rest.

We'll be sleeping at a brothers' place for all weekend. We'll need to re-evaluate our course of action on monday to see if we are to do a mini move in the new place at this point.

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