Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Toreador, prend garde!

I've had the chance to see two thirds of the Carmen opera this Monday. A friend from the University invited me to join her for a free viewing.

I loved it. I definitely will consider going to the opera (if my finances support it). I found it as entertaining as a movie, and, in general, much better.
This opera has a few great classics in it. "Toreador prend garde" is one, and "L'amour est comme un oiseau" (not sure if those are the official titles) are well-known.
The story is about a young brigadier who's seduced by this Carmen. He is putting aside the love of his live, gets jailed, leaves the army, etc. A strong lesson of what could happen to any man who tries to fight the Devil off by his own strength.
The character of Carmen is very strong. She is a bohemian, and someone with deep romatic issues... "if you don't love me, I love you, and if I love you, beware". There are Carmens, male and female, out there, suffering in the World, and corrupting people based on their whims...
This opera was an outrage when it was first performed, and it is still shocking today. The social commentary, however, is still good.
Like Salomon said... there is nothing new under the sun.

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