Sunday, June 12, 2005

So... so... so... annoyingly hot!

The summer is officially started in Montreal.
It has been a few days that have been very hot, and I DON'T like it hot.
I'm a winter guy.

But still, life goes on, especially with air conditioning in the lab!

This week has been busy with my Ethics class, mostly. The fact that it is a 2 credit class makes me fear about my next semester, with a 3.75 credit class coming. Still, Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow, and he's quite right!
I'm gonna talk about my music news, some update about my research, my ministry, and the personal growth that has been happening this week.
Besides the trip at the Opera I told you about and the Beethoven MP3s I got myself, I'll start off by saying that the BBC's recording is really good. I listened to it while I was working and loved it. I gotta take some time to _just_ listen to them at some point.
I started listening at the recordings of the University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra while I'm working and I have to mention that some have room noise. I deleted more than one track just because of that, notably the Bartok Dance Suite ... it was really bad. It is still a good lisening, even though the recording is not the best around.
In the end, I am happy just to have an MP3 of the Ride of the Valkyries... hehe.
My Ethics class has taken me more time than I was hoping. I spent nearly 8 hours on this on Saturday, a few on Monday and so on, and I don't feel that ready to submit it yet. I'm satisfied, but see lots of room for improvement. The worst was that I did not track well my references, and was scrambling to regroup that information. This is OK on text references, but when it gets to audio and video recordings, this is another story. Still, my initial opinion is being validated by the tools that I used, even though it is hard to analyse things in a truly neutral manner in this case.
Otherwise, I've started working on software vulnerabilities as part of my research. I worked with a colleague on this, and this is helping me structuring ideas regarding the bigger picture of my research.
I had the chance to invest time to strenghten frienships with a brother and Bible student... those are well-invested lunch breaks! I also went to two birthdays this week, and I love those. It is crazy how much love flows around in those events. My brothers really feel loved! I also have been on the phone with three European sisters who needed listening and encouragement, and those tend to take WAY more time than you plan for... a LOT more time than planned. But I am certain that God is merely using me as a tool for these sisters' well-being, and that, as such, there will not be bad consequences with the rest.
This week has been truly important on personal growth. I realized that I had some bad motives in my servantship and ministry (people-pleasing), and this prompted me to beg God to change my heart about this. I also had my first meeting with my therapist on Tuesday, and my emotional disconnect showed up real quick. What popped up is that there are the two mes: the rational, calm, loving me; and there is the big out-of-control storm me. We will look at things together on emotions... which are a bit of a Pandora's Box in my eyes. I am definitely challenged, and I'm faithful that all this is part of God's plan to make me grow, and shape me to be truly useful for him.
My reading of Purpose-Driven Life has been slow this week, as the last 10 chapters talk about ministry and mission, and they expose what I am mentionning. Combined with my state of busyness, I did not read every day.
What matters, in the end, is to stay in the course. I will finish that book, and I won't botch that. God has exposed a lot already, and I know that there is more to come. Of course, like with anything else, I both fear it and desire it... isn't human nature weird?

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