Saturday, June 18, 2005

Freak out, ok, freak out, ok, freak out...

I don't have good stress management skills... 'nuf said!

This is weird to say that I've lead a Bible talk about worry, and living in a worried state... At least I'm open about it :D

I spent a good chunk of my monday working on my ethics paper. I'm too much of a perfectionist for my own good.
I submitted my Ethics paper on Digital Rights Management technology on tuesday. Way too many hours for too little. I also had the bad habit of researching more stuff even though its way too late for that. I've not been as efficient as I should've been in this.
Nor was it that good at work. I need to talk to my boss about things.
I wasted a bit of my week in a bad direction regarding my research, as I kind of missed what was our real short-term objective, and thus focused on the long-term objective. And when I finally spend some time with my boss, I'm being told that there is an expectation of finishing that before I leave for vacation... :'(
On Wednesday, I lead a Bible talk about worry. I saw that I need to pick a passage that is more challenging, or at least act in a more challenging manner. One guy left, saying that he knew the passage, when, in fact, he missed a huge chunk of it. I did not act very strongly (I tend to lack spine on things like that).
The good news is that I'm learning and being humbled... this is good for a prideful guy like me!
Friday, was a good day for work. I made tangible progress :D
I also resolved the questions about utilities and ordered the phone line. I just have the internet connection left to take care of.
In the evening, I spent time with a brother and a siter at a haitian film festival. I learnt about the dictature years of Duvalier. This is crazy to see the stereotype of the good peaceful doctor turning into the stereotype of the bloody dictator.
I installed UbuntuLinux, but I'm running into problems with the wireless configuration, as WPA is not inherently installed. I followed steps on the forum, but to no success :( Quite a few hours wasted on this...
Otherwise, this looks like a major step up from RedHat and Fedora Core that I saw.
On this Saturday, I went to a store selling roleplaying games to sell back my old books of Vampire and D&D (2nd edition), and they told me they did not buy back books on saturdays! I was MAD. I had this heavy heavy box in my hands, and I was supposed to meet the brothers for soccer afterwards! I went to the metro, just to miss the bus to get me to the field. Double mad I got. I just went back in the metro to get home. While waiting in the metro, I took the time to look at my emotions, what they resounded and so on. I was then able to give all that to God, and to thank Him for that challenge I had. I felt aleviated afterwards.
In the afternoon, I wasted a lot of time with internet connection problems on both Linux and Windows. I decided to work on a teaching to be published on the church's bulletin, so that I could be productive.
And then, I realized that I just had a network cable unplugged! :'(
But, it was all good, as I could meet a sister on Skype. We had a good conversation, and I was happy to encourage her. She told me that I was gifted a lot to be able to see things about her so clearly. I think it was just the work of the Spirit, because I know that I'm quite dense about people typically.
In the evening, I had a brother for a meal. I cooked some fish with veggies that were quite good. I'm surprising myself with the good food I cook sometimes. It was the first good meal I cooked myself in a LONG LONG time. We took a four fruits pie with ice cream too! Yummy!
On sunday, we had a service about the final missionary trip of Paul. The message focused a lot on Paul's leadership, and the brothers who were following him. The shorthand conclusion was "lead, or be lead, or get out of the way" ;)
We ate with brothers, and I took some time with a brother afterwards for a private conversation. He needed some encouragement.
I had the chance to take a LONG nap afterwards... that is something that brings the true meaning of the shabbat to life :D
Now, I'm off to synchronize a few more things about my upcoming trip to Boston.
Oh, and I'm crazy about that. I sooooo can't wait to be there!

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