Thursday, June 30, 2005

And it keeps on going...

I spent some day at work and did some constructive restructuring of the text I was on. Otherwise, I spent a lot of time to finish my boxes.
In the evening, I got to the midweek late, and I had a good talk time with a sister, who gave me useful encouragement and help.

All sisters plainly see how exhausted I am/look like right now.
I am just living an emotional mess right now.
I prayed God to put the pressure on to make me grow... and he's doing it. No point in complaining too much about it.
Good will come out of this. I need to persevere and learn what I have to learn.

In the short term, here are useful news: I'm moving today (finally) and my Palm was found back in Boston...
I just need to send someone to pick it up from the person and mail it to me. I'm almost joyful of that.

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