Monday, May 23, 2005

Rediscovering Monopoly

I've played Monopoly with my folks today... something that did not happen in YEARS!

Also, more about my week.

So the first good news, is that we have a place to live! We found a nice place, currently under renovation, that was fitting everyone's wishes. The rent is signed and we're moving in on July 1st at the latest.
The work has been advancing good. Our supervisor wants to see a second supportive paper added to the one we have been working on... I commited to do my best to propose a draft by Wednesday. Its a challenge, but something very stimulating.
I spent my weekend in Québec City with my folks. I met an old friend from my CEGEP days and we had a tea together, before joining in the church for a Star Wars night: we watched Episode 1 and Episode 2 together. My friend had quite a few questions about the church... we'll see what happens.
On sunday, we had the special service about the men who dream. A brother from Montreal rapped for us, we had some musical composition and the like. I especially loved the brother to brother time I had beforehand and afterwards, as I got to know more my brothers of that missionary team. While taking the bus back, I got to share my faith. I met a teen who told me she was in the evangelical church, who has been disowned by her family. She was of jewish origin, and her family did not appreciate her conversion to christianity... It is the first time I met someone who lived a persecution literally like Jesus prophecized.
In the evening, we were in family with uncles and aunts for my father's birthday celebration. The conversation with most uncles is not really satisfying, but still, I was glad to be there.
On monday, we played monopoly, then I got my ride back to Montreal. It was 2 and a half ours of pure faith-sharing... One was a devout catholic who's working in a position like a chaplain, one was very much into oriental-like spirituality, and it was a challenge to be both adamant and respectful. Apparently, I managed to do both. I definitely would like to meet them again and deepen what was started.
The catholic vision about baptizing babies, based on the parent's faith that is later confirmed, brings little Scripture to my mind. One thing is certain, however, is that I need to deepen my knowledge of Scripture and of this practice. It is clear that I'll be writing a letter to the Québec City bishop to ask to be removed from their books, but that won't be a short letter, and it will be heavily doctrinal. I definitely will be publishing a copy for you guys.
There are major pride issues associated with this, but doing this research is too important. I need to be able to better respond to this doctrine that is very prevalent here as a normal part of my ministry.
There is a shadow in the picture: my Flesh has been very aggressive on me this weeked. I've very badly overeat at every opportunity, litterally loosing control of my eating. This starts a "domino effect" and sparks a few other sins. I am not going to go at length about this, but I see how weak I am and how much I need to put myself entirely in God's hands, for each and every aspect of my life, with no claim to control anything... a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Having a lot of self-control on most stuff and bingeing destructively is not good for me.
I felt I should mention that in my blog, because I want my brothers and sisters to have an idea of what is going on in my life in a non-rosy way. I do have various struggles and time management issues, and in all cases, I'm trusting God that things will work out.
On other (and better) news, I had the chance of attending a bible study on tuesday, and gave my first teaching to the Campus ministry about worship. The feedback was great, and kind of floored. I wasn't expecting that much good feedback. I was told stuff about how well balanced it was, and this and that...
There is no way I wrote this with those criterion in mind. God, I feel, has blessed me a LOT more on oral expression and teaching that I tought was the case. I was feeling down, in a sense, because this means a lot more of dying to myself for those gifts to be truly used by God.
My class at Polytechnique is OK, but the reading is painful at times. Philosophy is just not my thing. My brain can handle a lot, but that thing is apparently too much for it. We are having a team work to do on water privatization in Moncton. I've also submitted to write my personal paper on Digital Rights Management technologies. The topic excites me (especially that I've watched a few Cory Doctorow speeches recently... he's an evangelist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation). I've also found a web site that lists shops selling Fair Trade tea in my city, so I'm definitely gonna go for it! I'm still amazed that most people I talk to never heard of fair trade products and the reasons why they are there. Just talking about child exploitation is enough to score the point :D
So, if you are not buying fair trade goods, especially coffee and tea, and that your budget allows it, I'd avise you to get informed. All in all, however, the administrative issues about getting officially registered to that class have been frustrating and time-wasting. I realize that I did not even pray about it... silly me! One way or another, if things don't unblock, I'll have no choice but to put this matter to a higher authority, and to the Ombudsman if need be! But first, I'm putting this in God's hands. Better late than never.

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