Sunday, May 1, 2005

High-stress, high-escapism week

This was a big week profesionally, with a new version of the product going on the market.
People who know me know that I don't deal with stress all that well.

So the first thing I'd say is that I haven't been faithful to jogging at all this week, doing so only twice.
I also made the worst decision-making by installing a certain game on my computer that has high addictive potential. I've finally uninstalled it and removed the saved games with a secure file shredder, just to make sure I wouldn't try to recover those files.
In short, a lot of time that could've been invested for the Lord was diverted in watching TV, a documentary, playing computer games, etc.
I've downloaded interview from "Uncovered" from Torrentocracy, which talks about the war in Iraq. I've seen only a part of it and, so far, not much I didn't know came up, except for very precise details about the inspections. The WMD thing was a major fabrication, everybody with a bit of critical sense knew it. The most interesting is that, last week, the administration gave up on the search of WMD in Iraq. Also this week was the leak of Britain's official legal position that the war was illegal, an you got yourself a good chance of not seeing Blair re-elected.
With all that happening the same week, I can't help but to have a firm opinion!
Still, as far as the documentary says, the US public still believes what the administration told them about the WMD and the terrorists in Iraq... We see Satan powerfully at work in the realms of mass deception, and I cannot help but to remember Ephesians 6. This kind of thing always wakes up an activist side in me, and I have to be careful not to let it grow too much, as bringing the Gospel must remain my #1 activist activity! :D
Something I forgot to tell you guys about is that I downloaded and viewed "Meet John Doe" , from the Internet Archive. I loved the social commentary: a homeless man is to impersonate a John Doe, who's an invention from a journalist loosing her job. He starts criticizing society and exhorting people to live by the principles of Christianity, all of it schemed by power-hungry men... the rest is up to you to see.
Enough worldly talk!
I've been able, despite the bits of time wasted in escapistic entertainment, to make a lot of progress for my work, and the new version is online as of Saturday. I did not have a deep sense of pride as when version 1.0 was out, probably because I felt there was too much last-minute "little fixes".
I lead a Bible talk on thursday about traditions, and the person was very interested. Lets hope that he'll make a decision to study the Bible. The mid-week meeting was focused on sharing about the conference, and fellowshipping for the departure of a sister.
On Thursday, we had a D-time together, and the Campus leader asked me to prepare and lead next week's meeting, as well as discipling someone... I felt an alert flag raising, as I generally don't feel mature enough for that kind of responsibility.
I've asked advice, and it looks like I'm being over-worrying about it. So I'll pull out my standard answer: we'll see :D
We visited a few places this Saturday, with my two future roomates, and found 2 very exciting spots. One was above our target budget, but was so nice that we applied for it. We also took a break at the "Honey Martin" Irish pub, and I tasted my first Black Velvet: 60% cider, 40% Guiness (or you can inverse the ratios...)
In the evening, I decreed that I would FINALLY take that "apointment with myself" and I listened to the Messiah in integrity. More than 2 hours of pure baroque music, on a good stereo, loud enough to enjoy it. It was soooooo good! Sometimes, I was thinking of Jesus in all that, praising him. The parts that I remember most are "Surely", "Halleluiah" and "The people that walked in the darkness".
We had a good fellowshipping time on Sunday for a brother and a sister's birthday. I spent a lot of time with Chinese guests.
I was out of energy when I got back home and really fell to my bed... that siesta was a MUST!
I gave a quick read at the first 5 chapters of 1 Macabees, the apocryphic book. So far, it just sounds like the book of Judges, with more detail and focus. I don't see why, so far, this has been used in weird theology in the past... maybe something near the end. What is very stricking, so far, is that God is out of the picture. You have zealous Jews purging the country and restoring the worship, but God's opinion or help does not resound... no prophet, no "the Spirit was with him" or anything, just that Heaven will help them beat up the baddies...
So, in short, I was able to repent (i.e. uninstall) those games that took time away from what mattered.
Things moved forward at work, and I am keeping in touch with folks from the conference. I still need to repent about the jogging and the personal studies I'm doing.

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