Monday, May 9, 2005

A Blah Week

Blah in how I've been feeling, more than anything else. I had the cold and felt somewhat weak all week, but it really got to its peak on Saturday. I got to see the doctor and she prescribed me antibiotics.

Otherwise, I have great news!

Our rent is signed, and I will thus be living with 2 brothers in a 6 œ. I also got an email confirming that I was accepted for the Master programme at Concordia. I also spent the weekend with my parents near Québec City, and we had a great lobster supper for the celebration of Mother's day and my dad's upcoming birthday. I gave my mom a book about flowers and my dad received a special treasure map. he had to find his gift, hidden in the house! His gift was a Family Bible, which aims to present the most of the Bible in a short and illustrated format. Lets call that an icebreaker!
The other great news is that my parents did come to church this Sunday! I was very happy for that to happen, you can bet. They did not look too excited about it afterwards, but I'll keep on praying for them. The kids gave flowers to all the moms, so my mother got herself a nice pot too!
I've had worries about one summer class that is required for the completion of my B.Eng., which I could follow at another school, but the class was full. I've wasted a lot of time trying to find an alternative, and this has been a test of "letting go" and trusting God in the end.
I've also started to work on my research project, even though I'm supposed to be starting this Monday only. All in all, I did not do as much work for my client as I was expecting, but things will work out in the end. I cannot afford to be doing the two jobs at the same time, but there is a way to meet my client's expectations this week, while I start working on the intense schedule in the lab.
What did I say already about me not knowing how to relax?

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