Sunday, April 3, 2005

Last week in Québec City

I've spent a few weeks at my parent's place for now, and its time to get back to Montreal.
It was a week of work and work and paperwork, in short.

The "break" was not much of one, and I doubt it will get any better, in all honesty.
The week was mostly focused on work, and resolving little details for my health card and my driver's license. I've spent a little bit of time on campus for a Bible study. I've spent time with the church on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
Friday's time was a good one. I worked a little bit on my poems, and we shared our creativity. We settled a date for a special service. I'll give you the details when we are there. One brother rapped one of his songs for us, and its INSPIRING rap!
I took some time to watch the movie "Lost in Translation" with my parents on Saturday. I found the twisting at the end disappointing. The relationship between the two main characters sounded like a great friendship shaped by the circumstances, but the subtle hints started coming more and more, until the ending scene that left no questions hanging. I feel like this could have been a good shot at men-women relationships. oh well.
The church had a movie night on Saturday, and the next service was based on the movie. Which movie? The Incredibles! I loved the spiritual parallels. its when the characters put aside the great calling they had for "normal life" that the problems emerge in all areas of their lives. But when they live fully their mission, this is when the marriage and family is strong.
I see how much, in my time in Europe, I've put the Mission aside. There were a few "spurts", but not much really, which left me wanting for a "nice quiet life": good job, great wife, serving the Church, having great friendships. Inasmuch as this is great, I know for a fact that I've been called for more than that. I see how much my thinking has been twisted without me noticing!
I saw an amazing movie from the 40's: DOA. You can download it legally for free on the Internet Archive. The story is about a man who received a slow-acting poison for which there is no cure as part of a twisted cover up for an affair. The whole movie is centered on this man's investigation, trying to find out why his death is coming.
It shook me, because this could happen to me tomorrow.
I feel the need to read "Purpose-Driven Life" increasing. I've resolved to read this book seriously right after I finish my current book (the commentary on Joseph from Boice).
On a totally unrelated topic, I've done most of my re-encoding job. I've re-encoded most of my CDs unsing the ogg Vorbis format, instead of MP3. They claim smaller files, better audio and open source, patent-free, goodness... sweet! I use AudioGraber with the latest libvorbis and it does a fantastic job!
A small howto guide is available . In case of needing the files in MP3 format, for my MP3 player, I'm using DB PowerAmp . Since this is the media player I use for jogging or while in the bus, I can tolerate lower-quality media, so the conversion is OK.
I'm becoming such a purist :D

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