Sunday, April 17, 2005

Feeling like a headless chicken

Chicken were made particularly by the Lord. They have a lot of nervous nerve arcs (or something to that effect) in the lower body, which makes them able to work well without brain intervention. A decapitated chicken will run left right and center, without direction.

I feel my week has been a bit like that. I got major issues in time management, and weird decision-making sometimes kicks in. All comparisons taken, I guess I'm doing an OK job compared to many, but I know that I have room for major growth left.

I've got some work done this week, and I can say I have some satisfaction about the progress, even though many frustrations remain. I have issues being thankful for God teaching me I'm not a manager.
I have a policy not to give information that could give room for insinuation or hurt people. I've had a study that did not turn the way I was expecting, and I feel that its hard to be selflessly loving, as much with people in the world as for brothers and sisters. My selfish nature does not want to surrender.
I lead a bible talk at UQAM on Friday, which turned out in an unexpected manner, with major arguing. My efforts to control met the reluctance of the two involved who really did not want to stop there. Some good was there still, as one guy who would've been late for the study hung around, and asked many questions. We will see what happens.
I visited a few apartments with the brother who'll be my only roommate. I'm praying for getting a HUGE 5 1/2 apartment close to Vendome metro. Well located, good price, very big. Its downsides are that its not at the level floor and that I didn't see the place for washer and drier... things we can live with.
I also did repent by Thursday to resume my jogging schedule, instead of letting the worries divert me.
My Québec taxes are done and ready to be mailed, and the Federal ones will be tomorrow. I'm glad to have this done.
On saturday, I helped a couple shop for their new computer. I asked a few questions to a friend of mine and the shopping went weel. We narrowed it down to a few systems that look reliable enough for their needs. In the evening, I went for supper with them and had a good time!
On sunday, after service, we had a barbecue at our place it was good. I spoke with a brother who had a "vision" for me in Ministry a while ago. I use the quotes because I wouldn't swear that he has a gift of prophecy, but I'm using the word vision in the standard sense of the world, that is of a dream. I know that I am at crossroads in my faith and how I live it, and that I will have to make a lot of effort to turn away from the World's way, it is getting clearer.
I agreed with a brother to read Purpose Driven Life, and this will be a tough challenge, but something I must do, just for the sake of increasing my confidence in my Shepherd. Then again, maybe I will have THE revelation, who knows? Anyone who reads this will see that I need to learn patience and trust in God.
Finally, I've been asked to be second in command of the Campus ministry... I don't feel qualified to have any leadership position whatsoever, but we'll let God work through the events.
There is stuff unfolding, and I know it is for the best. We will see what the future has in store. This is a redundent theme for me ;)

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