Sunday, April 10, 2005

Climactic week

We are talking about a very bad (professional) start, and an amazing (spiritual) end for this last week.

The week started badly, with the software expiration algorithm that worked a bit too well! It expired in advance, and this caused a lot of last-minute code fixes and everything!
And this was coupled with a lot of requests from my client on project management that left me drained. I am a developper first, a manager second (or third, or fourth...)
I had a good time with the Campus on Wednesday, and I led my first Bible talk on Thursday at McGill! It was sweet.
On Thursday evening, I had a good time with my roomate. We talked about different stuff, mostly jazz music. My horizons are expanding :D
On Friday, before leaving for the retreat (read associated entry on that), I had a Bible study with our evangelist and a student, who is really earger to learn. I can't wait for the next one. Being in the mission field is exciting, after sitting on the fence for all that time I was in Europe. Yes, I did work a little bit for the Gospel, but this is little compared to what I feel I did in a month. Maybe I did more than I think I did... future will tell me.
Anyhow, I was braindead and felt I needed a break, and I got a ton of spiritual edification on a silver platter. God's sweet caring is all one needs :D

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