Sunday, March 27, 2005

A superb wedding!

This saturday March 26th was the wedding of two of my friends of the church: one roomate and a sister with whom I spent a memorable day in Paris.

Both ceremony and celebration was memorable.

The night before, I was blessed by the honour of spending the "last night" with the groom-to-be and the groommates. There was a lot of advice exchanged, some touching testimonies, and so on.
On that fateful saturday morning, I spent some time on a prayer walk with one of the groommates and then let them do the final advice, preparation and so on.
I only saw them again on the afternoon. The venue was exquisite and the ceremony well designed.
The music was well chosen for each part, and with a long pressure buildup that climaxed with the arrival of the bride.
There was one song where everybody of the church joined in: "L'Eternel est merveilleux"
L'Eternel est merveilleux,
Il règne au dessus des cieux,
Avec amour et sagesse,
Il est le tout-puissant.
Which could be translated as;
The Lord is wonderful,
He reigns above heavens,
With love and wisdom,
He is the almighty
One of the friends of the couple also had a solo part. I felt like crying... the church was definitely vibrating with our hearts!
The rest of the ceremony went by very nicely.
I was talking with family and friends who all found the ceremony very different, but very good. All enjoyed it, and it also brought up opportunities to share my faith.
Afterwards, I headed for the reception.
I was at a table with other friends of the new husband and some of his cousins. We were encouraged to sign, so that the couple would kiss. So songs did pop up! Our table came up with an old Québec song that is taught to all youngsters at summer camps: "Oh hursule"!
There was a contest for the best anecdote about the marrieds, and we had a good laugh.
There was also a video presentation with pictures of both of them, per decade. It was cool to have a glimpse at their growing up.
I spent time talking with a sister who's always super busy. I've done some dancing too.
We were also shown an old traditional French dance, "Le brise pied":
People are in line and the sequence is simple:
3 steps right, clap hands
3 steps left, clap hands
Half spin on your right
Half spin on your left
Full spin on your right, clap hands
Half spin on your left
Half spin on your right
Full spin on your left, clap hands
And then repeat :D
All in all, I had a great day. This was very inspiring, especially that everybody says that the husband and I are very similar, personalitywise.
It made me start imagining who would be my groomates if I were to marry now, how would be my ceremony, etc. It also touched me to think that I'll be living this one day too.
Speaking with this brother showed me how much he loved his new wife, how mature he was, how able he had got in dealing with conflict and so on. He made that progress thanks to a lot of patience building the relationship, with God's help, and with a lot of preparation and love from other experienced brothers.
This is more than a blessing, this marriage is a miracle. And I have more faith than ever this will happen to me.

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