Sunday, March 13, 2005

Second week

Things continued on their inertia, and I've made the trip to Québec City on Thursday with my evangelist. We met the leader of the Québec City mission team halfway, at Trois-Rivières.

I was blessed to see a discipleship and leadership moment from my own eyes. I've got lots of wisdom to get before I'm to consider ministry!

I've made the second half of the trip with this brother, who's also one of my great friends. He's one who really encouraged me when I was in Europe. Right off the bat, he integrated me in Bible studies and other evangelization activities.
I then settled in my parent's house. home sweet home. There are a lot of memories and unresolved things floating around.
I made the communion message at Church too, but kept it "short and sweet". The brothers and sisters were encouraged.

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