Sunday, March 6, 2005

First week back in Québec

February 28th, 2005, the day I come back in the province and the country, after a full year in Europe.

The snow is there to welcome me. I like it. it's good to see real winter after the gentle winter of the Swiss plains.

A brother was waiting for me at the airport. Coming in was LENGTHY, as I brought back a lot of stuff from my time there, and I was clearly blowing the exonerated amount. The customs officer was very nice, but it took him 4-5 tries to do the form on the computer. The final bill was about 400$ in taxes, which was what I estimated.
The temptation of frauding was great. but thank God for putting this challenge in my life, so that my materialism came to light.
It took me 3 days to adjust to the jetlag. At first, I was in bed at 20:30 and waking up at 2:30. ouch!
I've settled in one of the brother's house, and my friendship with one brother came back to life instantly. We started jogging together in the morning, and listening to a CD from Tony Robins, who's really motivating for a better lifestyle. And the jogging in the Jardin Botanique is definitely worth it! We do exercise, we offer thanksgiving prayers, and present requests to God together. We also transform military training songs to motivate ourselves. something like "I love challenges, that's by action that I prove myself" (trust me, it rhyms in French).
We event took time to do snow angels once. The view from the China garden for prayer, with lots of snow, is amazing. and jogging there is too! The best part is that access is free before 9:00 :)
I've worked on a Communion message for the Sunday service, which really inspired the Church. I sadly made it WAY too long, and my evangelist really told me to be careful about that.
I've got myself a discipler now, and I'm back into the mission, with the reborn Campus Ministry! Things really start off well on the spiritual side!

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