Sunday, March 27, 2005

Celebration week

What a crescendo!

Travelling with brothers, celebrating my birthday, witnessing a marriage starting, and having Easter. Can it get better?

On Thursday, a part of the church went to Montréal in a minivan, which lead to some interesting brotherly time.
Friday, after inviting people to Sunday's service, we had a celebratory meal for my birthday with the Campus Ministry. In the evening, I hung out with a house church, and then spent the night with the groom and the groom mates. I've got lots to learn before being remotely qualified for marriage (and that's keeping in mind I'll never be worthy of it).
In all honesty, I have to confess that I've spent a lot of time on my personal gift to myself...
I always wanted to listen to the integral of The Messiah, by Händel.
I got to the music store, asked advice, read reviews, then went to the final challenge: sampling.
I listened for 5 different recordings, and it was a tough choice. At first, I could spot some things I didn't like in 2 of them. But for the last 3... they were all so good!
So I went for that I felt gave me the best quality/price ratio:
Handel: Messiah, Israel In Egypt, directed by Andrew Parrott, performed by the Taverner Choir & Players

On Saturday, I've prayed with one of the groom mates and went home a little bit.
The ceremony was in the afternoon, and was amazing. I've already detailed it in one entry.
On Sunday, we've had a great service, in the afternoon, with the leader of the missionary team preaching about Change, the fruit of our Christian life. This is a theme he deeply loves, and that comes back more than once when evangelizing with him!
On the coming-back trip, I've spent time with a brother, and he was really encouraged by my honesty about my struggles, and how shame is the catalysis of a lot of bad in one's heart. From what I read in psychology books, it's a major driving force in addiction processes. The spiritual outlook is the key to the solution. After all, since Christ brings forgiveness, why should there be any shame in us? It is something I'm learning myself, but something worth sharing too!

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