Friday, February 27, 2004

Packing 90% done

With the help of my parents, I got most of the packing done.

I used those really cool compression bags in order to squeeze most of my clothes. It really allows me to bring more stuff in :)

Ok, Ok, they will all be wrinkled, but I'll manage.

I now have to spend some time on optimizing that other suitcase (holding mostly books and travel gear).

I'm bringing far less books than I was planning on. I was told they they have a great library, if I needed any reference material. I hope that I won't have to test that claim. So, basically, my CEGEP physics books, some engineering math books as well, and my trusty book on UNIX programming.

I had friends lending me a mini german-english dictionary, and another lent me his basic book for learning German. That too will be brought along. Bibles and some other reading material, an iron and electric gear... that's about it.

Despite that I'll be carrying 2 full suitcases and one backpack of stuff, it still feels like an adventure about to happen!

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