Saturday, February 28, 2004

Must take care of... zzz

Very tiring day it was.

Went to school to work on the architecture document. Got it mostly done. Still, I wish I had the time to finish it. The team looks like they know where they are going. I'm out of the loop anyways.

I spent more time setting up the home computer for my folks. Secured it and installed the Internet 101 software. I taught them how to use Mozilla and MSN, and I signed them for internet access via dial-up. All this configuration and teaching took its tool. The good thing is that they can send me an email now :)
I'm happy about that. It will make communication easier (and cheaper).

Got everything in the suitcases, and my backpack is almost easy. Just some details left.

My parents took care to really clean up this place. With everything stored in boxes, the apartment is nearly bare. Its kind of a weird feeling.

I'm tired. I'm starting that Windows Update to work on its own during the night and that's it.

With some reflexion, all that time spent on a computer I'm not gonna use is kind of geeky sweet... My parents are wonderful. I'm blessed to have them.

*yawns* me goes pray then bed

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